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Can You Spot the 14 Voice-Over Mistakes Waiting to Happen?

Can You Spot the 14 Voice-Over Mistakes Waiting to Happen?

Your script is written and ready to go. It’s short, straightforward and simple.  It doesn’t contain anything about complicated medical procedures, highly technical computer jargon, or words that have been translated from a different language. You’ve hired a professional voice-over talent to record it, and have about one hour to deliver the finished recording to your… Read more »

Are You Ready for a Voice-Over Career

Are You Ready for a Voice-Over Career? A Five Question Quiz

The world of voice-over may be drawing you in with its bright promise of exciting work, big bucks and loads of fame to come. But like any other industry, a voice-over career has a slightly dimmer side that comes with the territory. If you’re in the midst of making a decision to jump off into… Read more »

When you need more than just a voice-over actor

When You Need More Than Just a Voice-Over Actor

Some seekers of voiceover talent may say they’re looking for a voice-over actor. But what they really need or expect may be someone who is much more than just a voice-over actor. It’s someone who can do double or even triple duty.  In addition to playing a variety of roles in front of the microphone, professional… Read more »

Evolution of VO: From Voice-Over Announcer to Real Person

Changes in VO Styles Over the Years: From Big Booming Voice Overs to a More Natural, Conversational Style

Once upon time, the big thing in voice-overs was that big, booming voice – the very polished, voice-over announcer type, with a strong kind of yelling-at-you delivery and feel. People listened. People purchased. That was simply how sales were made. As times have changed, so have selling strategies. Most folks are no longer apt to… Read more »


Looking for Free Voice-Over Talent? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

While the concept of “free” anything is often attractive, when it comes to using free voice-over talent, the downside risks will usually far outweigh the upside cost savings. Head into a store, any store, and bring your selected item up to the cashier. Then tell him or her you’d like to have this particular item for free,… Read more »

The Most Annoying Speech Patterns You Hear All the Time Now

  So, you probably already know about vocal fry, valspeak and uptalk, right? I mean, everyone has heard plenty of examples of those speech patterns that have made perfectly well-educated college grads (mostly female) sound like Kardashian wannabes. Vocal fry refers to a low, glottal, animal-like sound that speech pathologists consider a vocal disorder. Valspeak… Read more »