My Latest Narration Voice Over Demo Video

Creating a new Narration Voice Over Demo is something that every voice over talent has to do from time to time. These days, because I have so much content on Youtube in the form of video samples of my work, I have been moving more and more toward creating video versions of my voice over demos, or in the case of my latest Narration Voice Over Demo, a completely unique video demo compiled from samples of my Narration video portfolio.

This latest narration voice over demo covers several categories of narration that I record on a regular basis including: Corporate / Business Narration, Web Video Narration, Health and Medical Narration, Tutorials, eLearning and Instructional Narration, Travel and Leisure Narration and Technical Narration. You’ll see samples of all of these categories in this video!

I engaged the services of Ari Ross for help with the creation of this narration voice over demo video. He was great to work with and very fast in selecting the best videos from my shortlist and then splicing the best segments altogether and keep the length well under three minutes. I highly recommend him to other voice over talent who want to create a similar type of video voice over demo.

I do a LOT of Narration Voice Over projects. While recording corporate narration or complex medical narration scripts isn’t very glamorous (it’s certainly not going to make me a household name anytime soon), narration voice over does provide me with an abundance of opportunities to serve my clients and make my living as a professional voice over actress. I guess you could say that Narration Voice Overs are my bread and butter.

The plan is to make several more of these Voice Over Demo Videos, for other categories of voice over work that I do on a regular basis. Look for those in the coming months!

 has been recording Narration Voice Overs for more than 20 years, having collaborated on thousands of projects and partnered with hundreds of production companies, marketing and advertising firms, commercial voice-over recording studios and corporate/business clients around the United States and abroad. Hear and see all of her voice over demo samples and request a Voice-Over Services Quote for an upcoming project. 

Latest Narration Voice Over Demo Video