Voiceover Services for Nail Art Application System

Instructional videos are an important part of my voiceover services work, so I was happy to hear from this new client who found me via a web search.

We communicated only by email, but the process worked out well.

He needed a voiceover services audio turned around quickly for an e-learning type narration. Since his client was going to conduct a training on this new machine,  they needed a narrated video tutorial to go along with it.

Voiceover Services for Tat'z Nail Design System

Female Voiceover Talent Debbie Grattan is the voice for this instructional video for Tat’z.

Female Narration Voiceover Services

I’ve done a few salon nail programs, but I’d never seen one like this. Of course, as in most instances, I’m narrating without the benefit of seeing any video first. So when I do get a copy of the final video, it will be fun to see how it all comes together, and how the product/machine actually works. In this instance, the machine “tattoos” a design onto the nail. You can see it in the video—it’s called Tat’z. With this “tattoo,” you can put works of art on your nails. Some of the technological devices being invented these days are really amazing.

I tried gel nails for the first time a few weeks ago, and I’m amazed at how good they look and how long they last. Maybe I’ll get a chance to try Tat’z at a salon near me sometime soon. I am also voicing a direct response TV spot for another nail care system called “Haute Nails,” which is a do-at-home gel nail system. They sent me a sample, which is always fun to try out.

“As Seen on TV” products are often ground-breaking and very popular, so it’s neat being on the cutting edge.