Landing Voice-Over Actor Opportunities Overseas

Voice-Over Actor Debbie Grattan and International Voiceover Artist Ed Victor discuss how he has landed great paying voice-over actor opportunities in other countries. Part two of a three-part interview (read part one, “Marketing Advice for Voice Actors” here.

Debbie Grattan, VO Pro: You mentioned that you do trailer work outside of the country. Are you promoting American television shows on foreign stations?

Voice-Over Actor, Ed Victor: I do promos for CNBC in Asia, promos for sports (mostly cricket and soccer matches) in Dubai, and I do promo work for a sports channel in Singapore.

Landing Voice-Over Actor Opportunities Overseas

The Big Gun himself, Ed Victor, left an award-winning career in advertising to establish himself as an international voiceover sensation.
Today, Victor is under contract with networks and television stations worldwide and is the voice actor for commercials selling everything from beers to banks to cars.

I also auditioned for (but didn’t get) the new voice for the biography and history channel in Asia. The promos I was reading were for “Pawn Stars” and “Ice Road Truckers” in Europe.

Debbie Grattan: So these cable shows have a completely different life overseas?!

Ed Victor: Absolutely. There are divisions of HBO, Showtime, and A&E all over the world.

Another weird niche I stumbled upon is doing movie trailer work for the English-speaking Latino market. Somebody in Miami found me.

Debbie Grattan: Do you feel like you have tapped into some voice-over actor opportunities that other voice talent don’t know exists?

Ed Victor: Yes and no. It’s mind-boggling how many people do voice work, who think they can do it because they have a computer and a microphone, but it’s not that easy.

I have several agents overseas. There is a whole market over there, but you have to be patient to break into it. Start with low paying jobs, and eventually you will get to the point where you keep increasing your rates. That’s how it works.

Debbie Grattan: What have you learned from the online dialogue in the Linkedin Group you managed for a long time?

Ed Victor: Voice-over actors depend on this group as a lifeline because we do not go to the studio anymore. People like to throw ideas or job opportunities out there. They started asking advice about gear, and now they’re selling gear. It has taken on a life of its own. The other thing the group does is bring reality to the many people who want to be voice-over actors, who think they can do it.

Debbie Grattan: Do you think at some point there will be a shift in all the people running into this business?

Ed Victor: I would hope that the cream continues to rise to the top. If you have a great reputation and you do things properly, opportunities will present themselves. I think those opportunities are more in line with the veterans of the business. The people that believe the pay-to-play sites are going to make them a million dollars… it’s just not going to happen.

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