What to Look For on a VO Talent's Website Before Hiring

When you land on a site, you want it to get right to the point. You should get a sense of if they align with your project or not fairly quick. 

Clear Message

It should also be clear that the person is, in fact, a voice over artist. Believe it or not, it’s still possible to land on certain websites that are highly advanced and look amazing – yet give visitors no clue about what the business actually does.

Bio Section

A detailed bio provides a fuller picture of the voice over talent’s background, experience, training, past and current clients, and other pertinent information that lets you know if it’s a good fit.


Testimonials are powerful proof that the voice over talent knows what they’re doing and can deliver the same level of service for you.

Because they’re unbiased opinions from actual clients, they go a long way toward establishing trust.

Audio Samples

Audio samples of a voice over actor’s work are crucial. Look for voice over demos as well as a portfolio of recordings from actual projects.

Demos will almost always sound great, but actual projects show what talent is capable of without endless editing. 

Both types of samples are essential for giving you an overall idea of a voice over actor's range and capabilities.

Responsive & Professional Design

If the voice actor’s website appears neglected, outdated, or doesn’t have a responsive design that allows it to be viewed on any device, it could be a red flag.

Sites that don’t have the latest advancements, such as responsive design, could indicate the person’s recording equipment or tech skills required for editing and recording may be just as far behind.

Fast Loading Speed

Slow websites can color your judgement of a voice over actor before you even read or listen to a single word on the site.

Because voice over websites contains multiple audio and even video samples, loading speeds can be extremely slow if sites are run on inferior web hosting platforms.

If the voice actor is smart enough to invest in a top-notch hosting platform, they’re likely to be just as savvy when it comes to high-end recording equipment.