10 Things Every Home Studio Needs

High Quality Mic

The microphone is the main tool you use to capture your voice. The better it sounds, the better you’ll sound.

Our favorite features when it comes to highy quality mics are compact size, TLM technology, and built-in boost.

Mic Accesories

Microphone accessories, like a microphone stand, shock mount and pop filter, can help enhance the sound quality even further.

Audio Software, Quality Computer

A slow of outdated computer can kill your efficienty & productivity. 

Equally important is a recording and editing software compatible with your computer. 

Mic Preamp & Processor

A mic preamp amplifies the microphone signal, while a processor provides additional power to the preamp. They’re often combined in a single unit.


Mixers are used in home recording studios to combine and process audio signals, and then route them where they need to go.


Officially known as Integrated Services Digital Network, ISDN enables recording studios to connect with voice over talent working remotely in their home studios.

People are beginning to switch to cheaper alternatives such as Source Connect, ipDTL, or even Skype.

Studio Headphones

Studio headphones are a lot different than your standard headphones. Those differences are what make them essential for home recording studios.

Three advantages of Studio Headphones are they provide accurate sound, have a wider frequency range, and they are built better. 

Studio Monitors

You need at least one computer monitor to use your audio software, and adding a second one comes with many additional benefits. It gives you the ability to be much more productive in whatever you're doing. 

Sound Card or Audio Interface

A critical part of your sound chain setup, sound cards and audio interfaces allow you to get the sound into and out of your computer.

Soundproof Treatment

Soundproofing enhances the quality of your recordings by keeping unwanted noise out of your studio.

With a nicely soundproofed room, you won't have to waste any editing time on easily avoidable background noises. You can focus on improving the overall recording instead.