Presidential Candidates as Voice Actors

Potential Success in VO

Donald Trump

His media and business background would work in favor of voice over commercials, while his large and loud style aligns well with announcer-type roles.

Repetition, which serves to cement ideas into people’s minds

Lack of ums, ahhs and filled pauses, which projects a sense of confidence

Exceptionally informal, even in formal arena and capacity as president

Hillary Clinton

Speaking from the throat, rather than from the diaphragm

Switches between personal stories and lecturing style, which adds interest

Raises her voice to emphasize points, but sometimes raising it so much “that it was almost screaming”

Potential Success in VO

Fantastic for voice over work that demands a range of accents. Not so great if hiring for audiobook narration for bedtime stories.

Tulsi Gabbard

Voice with agreeable pitch and tone

Slow, reassuring delivery

Straightforward language, even using words like “crappy” and “suck”

Clear and confident

Potential Success in VO

The hypnotic quality of her voice would not fare well for longer voice over narrations where the audience is at risk of falling asleep. Her style could align with shorter projects that required a confident and believable tone.