Infomercial Voice Overs & Direct Response Marketing

We’ve all done it – picked up the phone or headed online to buy a product we just saw on an infomercial or DR commercial. It doesn’t matter if we had long been searching for the product or not, needed it or not, or even if we ever knew the thing existed before we called up to buy. The infomercial made us have to have it.

An amazing infomercial or DR ad requires a great product, for sure. But it also relies on just the right voice-over to discuss, explain, demonstrate and promote the product effectively. With more than 22 years in the industry, Debbie Grattan has been a top voice actor for health, fitness, beauty, cosmetic and children’s products, ranging from the world-famous Pillow Pets all the way to the ultra-successful Luminess Air makeup application system.

Whether it’s flirty and fun or serious and informative, Debbie’s range and vocal abilities allow her to deliver the style and tone your audience is listening for – Check out her lineup of samples below, or request a custom audition or quote for voice over services today.