Character Voice Actor with Versatile Vocal Attitude

Truly effective voice over acting requires more than just reading words with flair. It demands the skill of an authentic actor who can analyze the copy and direction given, then apply it directly in a session. The actor’s goal is not just to sound a certain way, but to actually become the specific character, using only his or her voice.

Debbie Grattan has mastered this art, thanks to a solid acting background that includes years of on-camera and on-stage performances. Whether you choose to direct her in a live session or have her work on her own, she expertly delivers character voice overs for animation, commercials, gaming, audio books, avatars, role play, films, cell phone apps and anything else that needs to “come to life” through characterization.

As an award-winning professional actress, Debbie is capable of producing many accents and dialects to meet the needs of each individual voice project, whether on-camera or from behind the microphone. Feel free to browse through the samples in various voice over actress categories, or request a quote or custom audition today.