Top 10 Reasons to Hire Debbie for Your Next Project

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Debbie Grattan for your next voiceover projectA professional full-time voiceover talent, with more than 22 years of experience in the recording studio, and an accomplished stage and screen actor, Debbie Grattan is the female voice of choice for thousands voice over projects and over 1500 production, marketing, advertising and corporate clients.

Debbie’s clients have come to expect creativity, precision and an impeccably high quality delivery each and every time they hire her to fulfill their voice talent needs.

Reasons to consider adding Debbie Grattan to your voice talent roster include all of the following:

1. Debbie has an exceptional range and versatility

She can instinctively deliver exactly what your read needs, and when some direction is appropriate, she takes suggestions and guidance like the true professional that she is. Check out her complete collection of Voice Over Demos to hear many examples of her vocal range and versatility!

2. She is an authentic Voice Actor

Because of her extensive acting background and experience on stage and on camera (she’s been a working actor since she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Theatre degree from UC Irvine), Debbie is a tried and true “voice actor.” She is extraordinarily adept at applying direction to bring just the right nuance to her delivery. Discover the difference it makes when you work with a talented voiceover professional who is also an accomplished and well-trained actor.

3. She has over 22 years of voiceover experience

Debbie started working as a voiceover talent way back in the early 90’s (her first VO audition was in 1989), so she’s been honing her craft and building her business for over twenty-two years. Her voice over career got started before home studios were the norm, when she had to make the rounds of recording studios in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County and meet producers and voice over clients face to face, the old-fashioned way. When you hire Debbie, you are hiring a seasoned veteran with years of experience in a wide array of industries and projects. There just is no substitute for experience and a successful track record.

4. Debbie will definitely make your job easier

Equipped with a professional ISDN recording studio, Debbie is easily capable of providing convenient phone patch connections and ISDN voice hookups, so you can direct her to deliver the perfect read and get exactly what you want. Or, just give Debbie some initial direction and she’ll apply all those years of voice acting experience to your copy and give you her very best take on your script. For more details about all the ways that Debbie can make your job (and life) easier, check out this four-part blog series.

5. She is affordable and strives to work within your budget

“Affordable” could be Debbie’s middle name. Her primary goal is to be the fast, professional and affordable voice choice for anyone who needs voiceover services. She wants you to hire her again and again, so her pricing is set to keep you coming back for more. When you work with Debbie, you quickly discover that her services are competitively priced and she provides her clients with exceptional value. Debbie will do everything possible to stay within your budget. She takes pride in giving good deals for top-notch voiceover services. She’s also the only female voice over talent offering a Client Loyalty Rewards Program.

6. This is Debbie’s full time profession, so she’s always there when you need her

Unlike the vast majority of voice talent out there these days, this is Debbie’s ONLY job… It is what she does all day long, 5 days a week, and it’s been that way since 2000. As a full-time seasoned pro, you can depend on Debbie to be easily accessible whenever you need her (general exception being most weekends and holidays, of course), so you can expect your emails and phone calls to be answered promptly and courteously. When time is of the essence, Debbie has the ability to turn your project around very quickly, in less than 24 hours when it’s really urgent. Read a few of her over 175 five-star client testimonials and you’ll see that “speedy service” is a recurring comment from people who have worked with her. She will be one of the most valuable members of your creative team, always willing to go the extra mile when that is called for.

7. Her recording studio is top notch, you’ll never have an issue with sound quality

Debbie has been routinely connecting via ISDN with recording studios in major cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and New York for years. The quality of her studio sound has been acknowledged by sound engineers on many occasions. Debbie maintains very high quality equipment, enabling a “pristine” clear sound that you will just love, whether you’re recording via ISDN or having an audio file delivered electronically. Check out the full details of her voiceover studio and then request a custom audition to hear for yourself.

8. Whatever your project is, if it needs a voice, Debbie can do it

Examples of types of projects that she handles routinely include: radio and tv commercials, all types of narration voice overs (long form, tutorials, elearning, corporate videos, instructional videos, etc.), infomercials, direct response advertising, web videos, corporate presentations, IVR, on-hold messaging, phone prompts, outbound phone marketing messages, political advertisements, character animation voice overs, podcasts, webinars and more. You can see and hear it all on her Voiceover Services Portfolio page.

9. Complimentary Custom Auditions and Free Phone Patch are available

Simply complete the Online Quote Form and provide as much specific information about your project as possible and Debbie will give you a firm quote for her voice over services. And, if this is your first time working with Debbie, take special note of complimentary custom auditions and free Phone Patch services.

10. You can save $$$ with Special Offers and Discounts

Keep in Touch with Debbie and Get Exclusive Savings on Voice Over Projects with “Debbie’s Deals” when you sign up to receive her bi-monthly Constant Contact Email Update.

If you are a first-time customer, Debbie has a special offer: 50% off your first project (up to $150 value). New Customers Only are eligible for this discount. Maximum discount amount is $150 for any one project. Starting quoted price must be $150 or higher. This discount can be used only one time per customer (or per company) and only for new clients who have never hired Debbie previously. Just mention this offer when you hire Debbie and you’ll get the discount applied to your invoice.