Voiceover Client Loyalty Rewards Program


Learn about Debbie's Voiceover Client Loyalty Rewards Program and earn great discounts on future projects!


One of my favorite ways to show how much I appreciate your business is to reward you for choosing my voice for your projects throughout the year. You can start earning rewards points right now in my Client Loyalty Rewards Program, which has been updated and simplified for 2017.

How It Works

  • You are automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program when you hire me for a VO project
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on my VO services
  • Get an automatic $50 discount off your next invoice each time you earn 1000 points
  • We may also occasionally use your points to send you special gifts (delicious treats hand-selected that you’re sure to love). If you prefer to only receive cash discounts, just let us know and we’ll make note of that.
  • Rewards never expire and points can be rolled over from year to year

The updated, simplified version of the Rewards Program still sticks with the same basic idea as the original program:

The more you hire me for voiceover projects throughout the year, the more rewards you’ll receive.

And you don’t have to keep track of anything! We’ll note your reward point balance on every invoice we send, so you’ll know when you can expect your next discount.

Rewards Program Features

Expiration of Rewards Points

  • Reward Points never expire. We will update you of your current Rewards Points balance every time we send an invoice. If you’d like to know your balance at any time, just email .

Reward Point Payment Threshold

  • $1 = 1 point
  • 1000 points = $50 credit/discount off your next project

Bonus Points During Special Promotions

 You may have the opportunity to earn bonus reward points for other actions, such as posting a review or referring a new client our way. Watch for special email announcements for these types of promotions.

Redeeming Reward Points

As mentioned, your rewards point total will be noted on every invoice you receive. You may also receive monthly or quarterly reward point updates that also let you know about any special promotions we’re running.

You can check your points balance at any time by sending an email request to .

Once you reach the redemption threshold (1000 points under the 2017 program), we will automatically apply a $50 credit/discount to your next invoice. If you prefer, we can send the invoice for the full amount due and you can send a payment that is $50 less than the amount billed.

We understand that some clients pass along our invoice to their client, but may not want to pass along the discount. We can accommodate those instances; just let us know and we can make the necessary invoice revisions.

Important Details

Points become redeemable once payment has been received by Debbie Grattan Voiceovers. For example, if you hire Debbie to record a project for $1000, you will be able to cash in those points after we have received payment for that project, on the next job that we do for you.

In certain circumstances, we will not be able to award points for projects that have already been discounted (sometimes known as “double-dipping”). We will alert you at time of price quoting if a job does not qualify to be included in your rewards points balance. We will also confirm that when we send you your invoice.

Also, if your payment is received more than 60 days after the invoice date, that job will not be eligible to be included in your rewards points balance. We will remind you of payment due if payment is still outstanding after 30 days.

To be eligible for Debbie’s Rewards Program, you agree to receive monthly email updates from Debbie. Updates include special voice-over service discounts, information about the Rewards Program, VO-related information and other content of wide interest and appeal to our customers and audience.

Have questions?

Contact Paul at  or call/text 269-340-4674.


Updated: 01/09/17