Voiceover Solutions for Company Name Changes

Published by Debbie Grattan on 06/19/13

Company name changes…when they happen, they can be a challenge.

Having worked through a few over the years, I can say that I am now well-prepared for those situations when a company approaches me in need of voiceover solutions related to a name change.

The trick is being able to edit the new company name into old voice tracks (maybe several years old), and have it sound seamless. If I can’t do that effectively, then I’ll have to re-record huge chunks of scripts to make it work. That will be time-consuming and expensive for the client. So, it’s best for everyone if I can just splice in only the parts that need to change.

There have been many cases in which I’ve recorded something for a client weeks, months, or even years earlier—and the client is still using the video, but needs to make some voiceover updates. Which is why I keep a library of audio previously recorded; that way I can pull out what I did, to match it for tonal quality, pacing, inflection, and more. Sometimes I’m in and out of the recording booth a few times—for these pick ups, to listen back and match—and if I’m still not happy with the sound, I make sure to find the perfect match.

I’m always looking for ways to make my clients’ situations easier to manage. Through experience, I’ve figured out an efficient system to help companies deal with a name changes across all of the audio and video projects that I was a part of. One more reason why it can be very important to work with a professional voice talent, who’s been around a long time and will still be here when you need them to provide voiceover solutions for your important project!