When Your Voice-Over Website Keyword Search Rankings Go Missing

When SEO rankings go missing
I’ve been observing some interesting shifting in my Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings over the past few months. Most notably, I experienced a big drop in Google for one of my core voice-over website keyword phrases, while seeing some equally big gains in Bing and Yahoo across many different keyword groups. I have been working on getting that core phrase back to page one for several weeks now and I do hope and expect we’ll be able to do that soon.

when voice-over website search rankings go missingIn the process of reviewing my search engine rankings, I noticed how highly some of my other platforms are appearing, even when my personal website can seem rather incognito at times.

My Linkedin profile is pretty heavily optimized and I’m really glad to see such a positive result from the necessary time and energy I took to do that. I see my name coming up frequently due to my Linkedin profile, and often it appears on page one. Of course, Youtube videos are a huge help and I’ve optimized over 200 of those during the past few years, so they’re just politely hanging out there in cyberspace, popping up repeatedly in various searches. Then there’s my Facebook profile, which also can pull some decent rankings for certain keywords.

Optimizing Beyond Your Voice-Over Website Can Be a Huge Help

This situation shows me the importance of being optimized across several platforms, besides just my own voice-over website. If I was relying on just my website alone, I’d be feeling a lot more pain right now, while I’m waiting for things to get back on track.

The latest addition to the mix is a reworking of my Thumbtack profile. This most recent round of search rank checking was the first time I saw Thumbtack profiles appearing highly ranked in searches, so I took notice and did some dusting off of my Thumbtack voice-over profile, which I quite frankly had kind of forgotten about. I linked up several video samples and did some Q&A postings (I really like that feature). I’m not sure if I’ll get any work opportunities from this platform, but I’d be happy just to see my profile popping up in relevant searches. Just one more way to get my name in front of people and hopefully encourage them to check out my voice-over website.

So, the take-away lesson is, spread your search engine optimization out on many platforms, so you always have some visibility on the web regardless of what your personal website is doing!

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