Does Your Voice-Over Talent Income Have a Self-Imposed Ceiling?

Voice-Over Talent Income Ceiling

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the VO world, or brand-new to the game, a common denominator for all of us, is that we’re in this business to get paid for doing something we’re good at and that we enjoy.

But how much do we really want to be paid?

Everyone has their own set of parameters and goals, depending on a variety of factors. Many voice-over talents are content to make an extra few thousand dollars per year. On the other end of the spectrum, you have full-time voice talent who have built their whole livelihood around voice-over work, and their income goals are six figures and beyond.

Certainly, the constantly changing VO landscape caused by technology and the internet is having a huge impact on voice-over talent incomes across the board.

But, do you realize that YOU may be your own worst enemy when it comes to growing your income? Do you sometimes feel stuck in a rut that keeps your income at a level that’s well below what you perceive you should be making?

If so, then perhaps you’ve been subconsciously sabotaging your own ability to earn top dollar.

How’s that possible? It has a lot to do with whether or not you are fully aligned with your income goals.

Are You Aligned With Your Voice Over Goals?

One form of alignment refers to the agreement between your conscious and subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind is much more responsible for your day-to-day decisions and actions than most people realize.

Without proper alignment, you can end up struggling and spinning your wheels, even if you’re doing many of the “right” things in your business.

My husband worked for several years as a personal and business coach so he’s been using this alignment concept for well over a decade. His firsthand research and observation has demonstrated repeatedly that alignment is one of the pivotal components of what makes a person successful (or not) in ultimately achieving their goals.

Yes, there are many factors that come into play in being a successful voice-over talent. Experience, talent and ability, execution of good business and marketing practices are all very important.

However, alignment is also very important.

If I say “I want to be a six-figure voice-over talent,” but my alignment is out of whack with that intention, then the odds of me reaching my goal in a sustainable way and in the quickest possible time-frame are greatly diminished.

Consciously, I may be very clear and focused about what I want to accomplish. Subconsciously, however, I may have thoughts and emotions that are in direct conflict with the goals I’m trying to achieve.

Those conflicts will undermine me as I go along my path, usually in very subtle ways. They will affect my thoughts, my state-of-being and my willingness to take necessary actions.

The Over-Riding Rule of Alignment

There is an over-riding rule when it comes to alignment: The subconscious mind always wins.

Although a person’s conscious mind can win out over the short-term (by getting results through focused and determined action), if alignment is not eventually achieved on the subconscious level, you’ll end up with a “rubberband effect.” Everything will eventually snap back to the previous level of results. It’s like “yo-yo” dieting, but instead of your weight, it’s your life situation, or relationships or finances that keep returning to a normalized level.

Two steps forward, two steps back.

Back to square one, over and over again. Remember the movie “Groundhog Day?”

Climbing Ladder of Success to Higher Voice-Over Talent IncomeThe experience can be very frustrating, and this phenomenon is a common reason why some entrepreneurs give up on their dreams.

Anyone who successfully makes it to higher and higher levels of success has found a way to keep re-aligning with those higher and higher levels of success.

They have learned how to climb the ladder rung by rung, and align with each new level as they go up.

Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions Can Reveal Whether You Are in Alignment

On the mental level, here are some examples of common thoughts that get in the way for entrepreneurs who are trying to ramp up their business:

– I’m afraid of failure / success
– I don’t deserve to make a lot of money
– No one in my family has ever been this successful, so I can’t do it either
– Who will I be if I become this successful?
– What if I become this successful and then lose it?

There are literally hundreds of other possible of thoughts and beliefs that can get in the way. This short list only scratches the surface.

You may be able to consciously push them away, but if they are still active and strong in your subconscious mind, they still have power over you and will influence what you think, speak and do.

One of the primary tasks my husband worked on with his coaching clients was to identify the specific thoughts that each person was holding onto (attached to) that were blocking their progress. Then he would use techniques to help them neutralize the power of those thoughts or beliefs. This process would shift them into proper alignment with their goals and intentions.

Your Voice-Over Talent Income Ceiling Works Like a Thermostat Setting

One very specific obstacle for all business owners trying to boost their business is their comfort level with how much money they will make.

Your Voice-Over Talent Income Thermostat SettingJust like the thermostat in your home that controls how warm or cool you will allow the temperature to get, you have an internal thermostat that’s controlling how much money you’re going to make on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

There’s actually a way to determine that exact number, and my husband/coach took me through the process many years ago to make sure my setting was where I wanted it to be. We still check in on it every once in a while, to confirm that it’s still set at a very high level.

Generally, you want the ceiling (thermostat setting) set way above the level of income you want to make, so that it can’t interfere with you hitting your target income.

If I have a goal to be a six-figure voice-over talent, but my income ceiling is set at $40,000 per year, then the odds of me making more than $40,000 in one year are very low. Even if I have a great year and actually do hit my six figure goal, if that ceiling doesn’t get adjusted, then it will be very hard for me to sustain that level of income moving forward and I will likely snap back to a lower level in the near future.

If your goal is to make $100,000 per year, then your ceiling should be set somewhere above that… $150,000 or $200,000 would be fine. Or if you want to really allow room for something big to show up, push it out to a million!

Having the ability to reset this financial thermostat can make a huge difference for anyone who is struggling to get to a higher income level. Being 100% in alignment with making a certain level of income can remove much of the “headwind effect,” making it easier to move forward to reach your goal.

Most importantly, proper alignment helps to better ensure that you won’t be knocked back to previous results once you reach your new goals. There is no repetitive “rubberband effect” once the alignment is properly set and maintained. The new setting allows you to make that progress while locking it in as your new baseline, your new – and successful – “normal.”

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If you’d like to learn more about how to align with your voice-over talent income goals and know where your income ceiling is, please leave your comments below. If there is a lot of interest in this, I’ll write a followup and share more info about the alignment process I use in my voice-over business.

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