How Scott Rummell Helped Out an Up and Coming Female Voice Talent

Published by Debbie Grattan on 10/02/13

One of the best things about being a professional female voice talent is having the chance to meet and work with some truly exceptional people. I was fortunate enough, in the beginning of my career, to connect with voice over artist Scottie Rummell.

As we were both living in Orange County, CA, and shared mutual professional voice over clients, we would sometimes find ourselves sitting across from each other in the booth at Audio Images in Irvine, playing some husband/wife couple searching for a new car, or other familiar scenario.

Professional Voice Talent Scottie Rummell Pays it Forward

At that stage in both of our careers, we were driving the LA route regularly for voice over acting workshops, VO auditions, meetings with agents, and recording sessions. Scottie was nice enough to recommend me to his big time Hollywood agent, where I was signed as a female voice talent for a few years.

I recall him telling me how, in honor of one of his first mentor relationships with the legendary Daws Butler, (famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon voice) he vowed to “pay it forward” by helping others in the professional voice over business, as much as he could. Even in the big leagues of professional voiceovers, Scott’s heart has always been in the right place.


Professional Voice Over Talent, Scott Rummell


Fast forward to around 2001, when Scott chose to really focus on the movie trailer “big voice” sound… and the rest is history. Now, in the professional voice over business, he’s the voice you know from literally hundreds of films, TV shows and network promos.

Even after moving from Southern California to Michigan, I would be comforted to have the TV on, and hear that familiar voice for Oprah, or ABC, or the latest movie blockbuster, and I could say “there’s Scottie” with a huge smile on my face!

I hope you enjoy meeting him in this short video. You’ll get a sense of his sweet nature and the joy he feels from getting to do what he loves to do, and be the BEST in his field.

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  1. Kaye Veazey on

    Loved this! You always wonder who’s the face behind the voice, and now we know at least one of them.

  2. Debbie Grattan on

    Yes, Kaye, and most of the time, I’m surprised at how different the person looks from what I pictured, by just hearing their voice.

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