Professional Voice Over Videos & Female Narration

Part 1 of an Interview with Marketing Expert, Cindy Malouin of Malouin Marketing

Professional Voice Over Talent Debbie Grattan chats with Marketing Expert Cindy Malouin about how professional voice over videos can be used to enhance overall marketing and improve visitor engagement with voice over talent websites.

Cindy Malouin on Voice Over Services Marketing

As founder of Malouin Marketing, Cindy Malouin has more than 15 years experience in strategic marketing and planning. Specializing in business-to-business marketing, Cindy began her marketing consulting practice in 1996. Since then, she planned and implemented innovative and results-oriented marketing programs for a variety of clients in the service sector.

Through her strategic marketing services, Cindy helps organizations build, grow and protect their businesses, while enhancing their images with both clients and referral sources. Cindy is the proud recipient of numerous marketing awards. She has a proven track record of consistently producing high-quality,results-driven marketing programs.”

Professional Voiceover Talent, Debbie Grattan: I know you have written on this topic before, but let’s review what are the top reasons for having professional voice over videos on your web site?

Cindy Malouin: The most important reason is that people engage with video. By having video on your web site, people are able to get a sense of your personality. And you can have a personal conversation with the visitors who are coming to your web site—it gives you that opportunity. There have been studies done about different learning styles and it’s estimated that 60% of people are visual learners. So it means that they retain and they engage more if they’re presented with something in a visual manner, such as a video. If you’re able to do that on your web site, you’re going to be able to engage your visitors to hear more of your message.

Professional Voiceover Talent, Debbie Grattan: Which would explain the popularity of sites like Youtube.

Cindy Malouin: Yes, exactly. Right now, the first instinct for a lot of people is to go to Youtube to watch “how-to” videos and get more information that way. There truly is a prevalence of people going to those types of sites and learning in that manner.

The other important reason to have video on your web site, specifically on the home page, is for search engines. Search engines love video content. So you actually rank higher with search engines if you have video on your site.

Debbie Grattan: I thought that search engines just searched for written content.

Cindy Malouin: Video content, specifically links to Youtube and other video sites, work great with search engines and help you reach higher in search results.

Debbie Grattan: Is there a bit of trepidation for people to go into video—how hard it is for people to actually put something together to have on their web site?

Cindy Malouin: It’s really not that hard at all. People can be very intimidated by creating a video and thinking it has to be a big production, but it doesn’t have to be. Honestly, anyone who has a video camera can produce videos. If we’re talking about professional voice over talent or someone who focuses on doing a lot of female narration voice overs, it is important to portray yourself in a very professional, polished way. You don’t want it to come across as amateurish, so whether you decide to shoot a video on your own or actually hire a videographer or production company, the bottom line is that you need to make sure that you’re coming across polished and professional.

Debbie Grattan: Can you speak more about that: professional versus casual? With video we’re trying to put our personality forward, so how formal should we be, especially as a female narration specialist trying to gain clientele?

Cindy Malouin: You want to be formal in the sense that you want to demonstrate your capabilities as a female narration voice over talent. You want the audio to be clear, you want to present your personality and your persona, and you also want to come across as friendly. It’s an opportunity for people to get to know you without actually having a sit-down meeting with you. You want to have your personality shine through.

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