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Veterans Day Commercial Spot Pays Special Tribute

Veterans Day Commercial Spot for Supermarket Chain Pays Sincere Tribute

For many retailers in today’s competitive market, Veterans Day is another opportunity for an advertised sale, along with special discounts for anyone who has served in the military. As voice over professionals, we often record commercial spots to sell furniture or cars or hardware supplies for the one-day holidays like Memorial Day, President’s Day and Veterans… Read more »

Are Celebs Stealing Roles From Voice Over Community?

Celebs Are Taking VO Roles Away from Voice Over Community… Really?!

A few months back, I saw an article posted in one of the voice over community chat groups in Google. The title of the article was: Celebrities are Silencing Career Pros in Animation Voice Work. Provocative title, right? I see and enjoy all of these animated films… Not only because I’m a professional voice over… Read more »

Debbie Grattan Voice Over Talent, as Morticia Addams

Why Halloween is Special To Me

I’m the type of person who really enjoys the art of creation in many different forms. I think that’s one of the reasons I gravitated to acting and voice over as a career. It allows me to play and be creative on a daily basis. But in addition to my creative profession, I like playing… Read more »

Are Celebs Really Taking Voice Over Jobs?

Are Celebrities Really Taking Voice Over Jobs?

This is Part Two of “Celebs Are Taking Voice Over Jobs Away from the Voice Over Community… Really?!” Artists can be gifted in many different ways, and can grow and develop outside of their beginning niche. We see crossover all the time with actors cutting an album or singing or playing an instrument in a… Read more »

when voice-over website search rankings go missing

When Your Voice-Over Website Keyword Search Rankings Go Missing

I’ve been observing some interesting shifting in my Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings over the past few months. Most notably, I experienced a big drop in Google for one of my core voice-over website keyword phrases, while seeing some equally big gains in Bing and Yahoo across many different keyword groups. I have been working… Read more »

Experienced Full-Time Voice Talent Provide Valuable Resource for Clients

VO4Hire Series – Full-Time Voice Talent Can Be a Valuable Resource to VO Clients

This post is the fourth and final installment in this series written for people and businesses who have the need to hire voice talent. In this series, I have discussed the contrast between what services and qualities a full-time voice talent can offer versus a part-time VO talent. I suggest you read these articles in… Read more »