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Things to Consider Before Hiring Male vs Female Voice-Over Talent

Exploring the Decision to Hire Male vs. Female Voice-Over Talent

The battle of the sexes definitely rolls over into the voice-over arena these days. Actually, there’s not really a battle going on, but rather a very good question: Is it better for your company or client to hire male or female voice-over talent? Like most things in life, there is no cut-and-dried, right or wrong… Read more »

Ask for What You Want and You Might Get It

Ask for What You Want and You Just Might Get It

Fear is one sneaky little critter, and it can be a pretty crafty foe when it comes to stopping us from doing all kinds of things… Like asking for what we want. I’m not talking about asking for what we want by slamming down our fist with a ridiculous demand. I’m referring to polite and… Read more »

The Dangers of Judging and Comparing Yourself to Other Voice Artists

The Dangers of Judging and Comparing Yourself to Other Voice Artists

I found this article by James Clear to be very insightful and thought-provoking. It is relevant for voice artists and anyone who “creates” for a living, which includes a lot of people beyond our typical definition of what an artist is. He opens with a story about a very famous choreographer named Agnes de Mille…… Read more »

Voice Overs for Children's Toys Infomercials and Direct Response Ads

My Accidental Niche – Voice Overs for Children’s Toys

It never really gets old. As a voice over professional, when you hear your voice on a commercial spot, or a promo, or some animated project on TV or radio, it is always a bit of a treat. It’s not quite like being a pop star and hearing your song played on the radio, but… Read more »

Is Your Voice Over Talent Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Voice Over Talent Website Mobile-Friendly?

If you are a working voice over talent, you know it’s imperative that you have your own personal website to showcase your talent. Everybody knows that, right? But did you know that your site’s “mobile-friendliness” is going to become a more and more important factor when it comes to your search ranking and visitor interactions?… Read more »

John DiMaggio's Documentary About Voice Over Actors

John DiMaggio’s Documentary About Voice Over Actors

As voice over actors, we talk, we write, we dialogue with other actors, and we commune. The voiceover community as a whole has warmth among its members. Even though we are competing with each other (sometimes daily, and sometimes in the same casting studio) we are somehow part of the same team. We share in… Read more »