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5 Ways For Voiceover Talent to Ensure Stress Free Payment

5 Ways For Voiceover Talent to Ensure Stress Free Payment

In today’s world of VO, the successful voiceover talent is not only proficient in the art of voiceover, but he/she is also a savvy entrepreneur. The days of working only in a major market, through reputable talent agencies, and having billing go through a third-party (like the union/payroll service, agency, etc.) are forever changed for… Read more »

8 Tips for Directing Voice Over Talent

8 Tips for Directing Voice Over Talent – What You Can Do BEFORE the Session

If you’ve ever felt “over your head” in a VO session while trying to direct voice over talent, OR if you’ve been underwhelmed with the final recording from your selected talent, even though you thought you gave them proper direction, here are a few easy things you can do before you get into the session… Read more »

Tips for Choosing Voice-Over Talent

How to Get the Best Voice-Over Talent Performance: Choosing Talent

Raise your hand if you ever turned off the radio, TV or Internet video just because you didn’t like the sound of the person speaking? Most of us probably have, proving that the voice-over read of any given project can make or break that project’s success. A high-quality voice track is a key part of… Read more »

Voice-Over Talent Reviews Make Talent Selection Process Easier

Let’s say you’re looking to buy a new book, pair of shoes or computer, or even scoping out hotels near your upcoming vacation destination. If one of the first things you do is check out online reviews, you’re certainly in good company. Nearly 80 percent of Americans have taken to reading reviews before purchasing any… Read more »

What an Aspiring Voice Over Actor and Winky Artist Have in Common

What an Aspiring Voice-Over Actor and a Winky Artist May Have in Common

Remember Winky? Winky was just one of many different cute, pencil-drawn animals that my generation may fondly recall appearing in a series of ads in the back of magazines. The ads promised something like: “If you can draw this, you may have hidden talent as an artist!” Well, I wasn’t much of an artist back… Read more »

Winner's Approach

Losing Leads to Winning If You Have the Right Perspective

I went to a little awards presentation at the local VFW for my daughter’s school last Thursday night.  Middle schoolers were asked to write a short essay on why our armed forces are important.  My daughter is a truly outstanding writer,  but she didn’t win the contest. In fact, she didn’t even place. This was… Read more »