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Why You Might Consider Hiring Voice-Over Talent on Fiverr (or Not)

Fiverr has been bashed repeatedly since its inception in 2010, thanks to its premise of selling voice-over recordings, and anything else you may need, for a mere $5. Fellow voice-over pros have bemoaned everything from the “digital slave wages” it offers to the smarmy feeling they’d be sure to get if they ever stooped so… Read more »

tales from vo talent trenches

Tales From the VO Talent Trenches: When Sickness Hits, Do You Push On or Go to Bed?

I’m one of those people who never gets sick. Well, hardly ever.  So when what I assumed was the flu took me down early last week, I thought I was going to have to do my usual routine and just power through it. That’s what has always worked on those rare occasions when I feel… Read more »

Use Pressure to Help Propel Your Professional Voice Over Talent Career

Use Pressure to Help Propel Your Professional Voice Over Talent Career

I was chatting with my young teenage daughter this weekend about the pressures life brings. Even as a kid, there’s that pressure to get good grades, be accepted by your peers, make the team, win the game/race, get cast in the high school musical, and so on. Pressure seems to start younger these days than… Read more »

Finding Balance with Artistic Work and Life

An Artist’s Simple Formula for Success and Balance

I’m always fascinated by artists… Of all kinds. This weekend, I was a spectator at Art Beat, a showcase of local artists in my community here in the Midwest. Represented on several blocks of downtown real estate on a rainy Saturday was everything from dance, music and theatre, to culinary arts, painting, ceramics, sculpture and… Read more »

Voice-Over Talent Income Ceiling

Does Your Voice-Over Talent Income Have a Self-Imposed Ceiling?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the VO world, or brand-new to the game, a common denominator for all of us, is that we’re in this business to get paid for doing something we’re good at and that we enjoy. But how much do we really want to be paid? Everyone has their own set… Read more »

Documentary Style Video Narration for Fire Up 2100

Video Narration for Fire Up 2100: A New Chapter

When I hear the word “sensuous,” I usually think of things like steamy novels, bubble baths and fleece blankets. But a documentary I narrated for the American Steam Railroad Preservation Association (ASR) did it’s very best to add another item to the sensuous list: the steam locomotive. Entitled “Fire Up 2100: A New Chapter,” the… Read more »