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The Most Annoying Speech Patterns You Hear All the Time Now

  So, you probably already know about vocal fry, valspeak and uptalk, right? I mean, everyone has heard plenty of examples of those speech patterns that have made perfectly well-educated college grads (mostly female) sound like Kardashian wannabes. Vocal fry refers to a low, glottal, animal-like sound that speech pathologists consider a vocal disorder. Valspeak… Read more »


A Client’s Guide to Selecting the Right Voice-Over Talent

As a voice seeker, whether you have a precise vision, general idea, or absolutely no clue about the type of voice you’re seeking for your next project, most voice-over talent searches involve a multi-step, all purpose process. Perhaps you’re new to the game and are not sure what to expect, in which case this guide… Read more »

8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Halloween

Halloween is the third-biggest party day, the sixth-most popular card-giving day, and totally beats the pants off Valentine’s Day when it comes to candy sales. This ancient celebration has a history that stretches back some 6,000 years, rich with tradition, ghoulish trivia and plenty of candy corn. Check out some other fun and creepy facts… Read more »

How Professional Voice-Over Talents Get Off Track – The 3 Stages of Failure

Whether they’re written by fellow voice-over actors, life coaches, artists or folks in any other industry, I read a lot of blogs. Reading blogs is a great way to gather information, gain a fresh perspective, enjoy a lot of interesting takeaways and, in many cases, relate an intriguing topic back to the professional voice-over industry…. Read more »

6 Reasons People Trust a Female Voice Over Male Voices

The question of hiring a female voice over talent vs. a male voice over talent has pretty much joined the ranks of other age-old debates. The topic has been covered by many, myself included (“Exploring the Decision to Hire Male vs. Female Voice-Over Talent”), yet there’s one angle I felt deserved a more intense look: the… Read more »

Voiceover talent alone won't pay the bills

Voiceover Talent Alone Won’t Pay the Bills

Mozart wasn’t born great. And the same holds true for any phenomenal musician, artist, engineer, writer, party clown or voiceover talent you may want to be or hire. While great talent was once thought to be innate, research psychologist Anders Ericsson argues it is something most people can achieve, in just about any area, as… Read more »