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Voice Auditions and Actor's Intuition

Voice Auditions – Shooting in the Dark With An Actor’s Intuition

The very funny writer/entertainer Amy Sedaris writes in one of her tongue-in-cheek books, “I think it’s good for a person to spend time alone. It gives them an opportunity to discover who they are and to figure out why they are always alone.” In the case of voice actors, we often find ourselves professionally obligated… Read more »

Enjoy the Journey of Voice Over Acting

Voice Over Acting and How to Truly Guarantee Your Financial Success

I get a lot of emails and an occasional telephone call from men and women who think they want to get into voice over acting.  Usually it’s because someone (friend, family member, co-worker) has told them that they have a great voice and that they should look into voice over acting. Or, they read somewhere… Read more »

Rob Ford SNL Voice Over Accents

Creating Voice Over Accents for Language Dialects and Fun Characters

As a professional voice actress, I’m often tasked with creating accents ranging from foreign accents and regional dialects to fun and crazy characters.  Just this past week, I had requests from clients for a variety of voice over accents including  European accents, a Texas accent, an Asian accent, and a voice like the computer in… Read more »

Voice-over Actor vs. Leaf Blowers

Voice-Over Actor vs. Leaf Blowers: This Year the Actor Wins

The glory of fall in the Midwest still feels fairly new to me, which makes it particularly awesome. Since I’m originally from Southern California, where leaves pretty much stay the same color all year round and generally refrain from disembarking their respective limbs, I never really got the full gist of what autumn was all… Read more »

Getting Paid by Voice-Over Clients – An Overview of What Matters Most

Getting Paid by Voice-Over Clients – An Overview of What Matters Most

Working for myself as a female voice over talent and independent contractor, I enjoy the luxury of having some degree of control over key aspects of my business such as my rates, my time, my schedule, and my terms of working with my voice-over clients. I really love the work I do. I suspect it… Read more »

corporate narration voiceovers

Corporate Narration Voiceovers Provide Perfect Opportunity for Female Voice Talent

Corporate Narration Voiceovers provide the perfect opportunity to use my female voice talent in an effort to assist companies with delivering their product and service messages. While corporate narration voiceover may not seem as attractive as the glamorous and high profile national commercial spots that so many voice over talents love to chase, I tend… Read more »