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Female Voice Over Talent Debbie Grattan

How a Female Voice Over Talent Makes Your Job (as Producer) Much Easier

Like it or not, we live in a whirlwind world where we’re expected to deliver so much more in a very compacted period of time. This means loads of pressure on all fronts and in every profession. And the voice over acting industry is certainly no exception. With more than two decades of experience as… Read more »

Female Voiceover Talent, Debbie Grattan as Mary Poppins

Building Your Female Voiceover Fandom

At some point in the last several months, Facebook business pages changed their terminology, so that instead of having “fans,” my female voiceover services page now has “followers.” Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the term “fans!” The word not only seems germane to the business of being a professional voice artist, but it also speaks to… Read more »

The Buffet Impulse and Finding the Balance as a working Female Voice Actor

Quality, Quantity, Sanity – Finding the Balance as a Working Female Voice Actor

As a mother, wife, homeowner, engaged theater community member, and, oh yes, a busy professional female voice actor, I find myself nodding in agreement at Paul Strikwerda’s November post on “overdoing.” Each day, it seems we’re confronted with an increasing number of things to do, processes to manage, opportunities to pursue. At this point in… Read more »

Voice Acting - Turning Cold Copy into a Warm & Connected Read

How to Create Warmth and Connection From Cold Copy in Voice Acting

When I begin a voice acting job, the questions I ask myself aren’t too different from those I would ask if I were starting a role for film or stage: who am I, what am I trying to get across, and who am I talking to? As a voice actor however, I cannot use my… Read more »

Voice Auditions and Actor's Intuition

Voice Auditions – Shooting in the Dark With An Actor’s Intuition

The very funny writer/entertainer Amy Sedaris writes in one of her tongue-in-cheek books, “I think it’s good for a person to spend time alone. It gives them an opportunity to discover who they are and to figure out why they are always alone.” In the case of voice actors, we often find ourselves professionally obligated… Read more »

Enjoy the Journey of Voice Over Acting

Voice Over Acting and How to Truly Guarantee Your Financial Success

I get a lot of emails and an occasional telephone call from men and women who think they want to get into voice over acting.  Usually it’s because someone (friend, family member, co-worker) has told them that they have a great voice and that they should look into voice over acting. Or, they read somewhere… Read more »