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Voice Over Audition Psychology

Voice Over Audition Psychology – Part 1

The other day, as I was just submitting my last voice over audition for the week, I got an email from an actor friend of mine. He’s someone who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on stage in recent years. He has honed his talents and acting craft over a long time and he’s… Read more »

Using Voice-Over Phone Patch to connect with clients in real-time

Why the Voice-Over Phone Patch is Loved by Voice Actors and Clients

Call it a phone patch or just a nifty add-on feature of my Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) connection… I call it a lifesaver, which again came to the rescue just the other day to help identify and deliver the exact type of voice-over recording my client wanted. But let’s back up and explain things… Read more »

Technology also created much higher Competition in Voice-Over Acting

Observations on the Ever Changing Voice-Over Acting Landscape – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the article, “Some Observations on the Ever Changing Landscape of Voice-Over Acting.” It will make more sense if you read Part 1 first. Just Because It’s Easier to Start… Doesn’t Make it Easy to Succeed Here’s the truth: If I was trying to start my voice-over acting business today, I… Read more »

Technology created more opportunity in Voice Over Acting

Some Observations on the Ever Changing Landscape of Voice Over Acting – Part 1

The voice over acting business is going through something similar to what the music business has been grappling with in recent years. Voice Over Agents (like record labels) are getting squeezed out more and more as the voice over actors (like music recording artists) find ways to go directly to their clients (consumers) via new… Read more »

Getting Paid Well for Female Voice-Over Services

Getting Paid Well for Female Voice-Over Services: Understanding Pricing

This article is part of a series of articles exploring various aspects of what is involved in getting paid well as a working female voice-over talent in today’s highly competitive voice over industry. You may want to also read the first article in this series, Getting Paid by Voice-Over Clients – An Overview of What… Read more »

TV Commercial Voice Overs for Magnet Schools

TV Commercial Voice Overs for Magnet Schools

Despite spending much of my work day seemingly cloistered from the world in my studio, I still find myself  keeping up with some of the latest trends. That’s especially true when I land voice over acting jobs for new computer technologies and anything that involves rolling out, as long as the “rolling out” comes with… Read more »