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Voice Over Actor Health

Voice Over Actor Health Tips – 10 Ways to Maintain Great Vocal Health

When your income totally depends on your voice staying healthy and sounding good, some voice over actor health tips are useful to keep in mind.  I try to practice these as much as possible and I rarely have vocal health issues, so something must be working. My Top 10 Voice Over Actor Health Tips 1…. Read more »

Latest Narration Voice Over Demo Video

My Latest Narration Voice Over Demo Video

Creating a new Narration Voice Over Demo is something that every voice over talent has to do from time to time. These days, because I have so much content on Youtube in the form of video samples of my work, I have been moving more and more toward creating video versions of my voice over… Read more »

Cultivating Professional Voice-Over Cool During Technological Crises

There’s No App For That: Cultivating Professional Voice-Over Cool During Technological Crisis

In my daily work as a professional voice-over actress, I get to be both the voice talent and the audio engineer. It’s empowering to edit and mix my recordings in my home studio, and I like that I can offer my clients a full-service professional voice-over experience. Technology has made this possible, but I know… Read more »


What Exactly is ISDN and How is it Used by Voice Over Talent?

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a system of digital telephone connections, which enables recording studios anywhere in the United States, Canada and abroad to connect digitally with voice over talent working remotely in their home recording studio. When I use ISDN for a voice over session, it is as if I am standing in… Read more »

Pros & Cons of the Working Voiceover Vacation

Pros and Cons of the Working Voiceover Vacation

I began writing this post while sitting in the Cancun airport waiting to board my flight back to Chicago, en route home to Michigan. My husband and I were (sadly) coming to the end of our six day getaway, having enjoyed tons of sun, delicious cuisine, and the chance to have pretty much zero responsibilities…. Read more »

Trading Tea for Commercial Voice Over Services

Let’s Make a Deal! How Trading Services Can Be a Win-Win for Commercial Voice Actors

As a commercial voice over professional, I end up fielding a lot of email inquiries from prospective clients, and one of the big questions I always get asked is, How much is this going to cost? Quoting commercial voice over projects is certainly part of my daily routine. My responses can vary depending on the… Read more »