The Joys of Worldwide Professional Voiceover Services

Published by Debbie Grattan on 08/08/13

One of the truly unexpected pleasures of being a voice over actress is working with people all over the world. Just this past week alone, I had the opportunity to share my female voice over talent with clients in Singapore, Australia, Spain, and Canada, all while working with my regular voice over clients here in the US.

Having clients all around the world is mind-blowing—and I am grateful for today’s technology including PayPal, immediate payments and currency exchange all in a single invoice.

Experience as a Worldwide Professional Voice Over Service Provider

Here’s a quick look at the worldwide voice over services I have recently delivered :

  • Singapore : A client in Singapore hired me to give female voice over services for children’s video games and applications.

  • Australia : I was the female animation voice over for a cartoon animation company in Australia.

  • Spain : A Medical Supply Company in Spain contracted with me to deliver voice over services in the form of english translation.

  • Russia : A corporation in Russia selected me to give corporate web narration voice over services.

  • Canada : Three different clients throughout Canada including Sizzle Video, a Corporate Homebuilder and Water Safety Company who each needed narration voice over services, chose to have my voice represent their companies .

Vacation Style Narration Voice Over Services

Working with international clients and providing vacation style narration voice over services for my clients here in the US, sometimes makes me feel like I’ve taken a vacation without ever leaving my home.

I always enjoy doing voiceovers for vacation style narration and creating whatever mood is required, whether for travel, adventure, contemplation, play, or simply relaxation—especially since I do this in most instances without ever having the benefit of seeing the visual of what I’m describing, or having the luxury of visiting the locale in person. I use these narrations as my own personal vacations, traveling virtually, from the comfort of my recording studio in Michigan.

This style of voice over service is being provided to eScapes, a paid television cable channel that features exotic landscapes domestically and abroad with New Age music in the background.

In this clip, I am introducing a segment about Thailand, featuring the Wat Arun temple in the capital city of Bangkok.

professional voiceover services

Supporting the Needs of International Clients for Worldwide Voiceover Services

Since a good majority of a professional voiceover’s work these days is done in solitary (without the benefit of another sound engineer, director, or client as part of the session), it can be tricky when working with a script containing words, locations, or names that aren’t part of our everyday vocabulary.  The hardest part for many professional voice over actors is knowing just “how to say them”.   Many clients have selected me as their female voice over talent because of my experience and ability to quickly learn how to speak words that are not in my everyday language.

Sometimes when dealing with clients whose first language is not English, it also helps to have a solid grasp of grammar to tweak some of the scripts and offer a more pleasing approach to the English-speaking target audience. Short re-writes and re-working of lines and paragraphs are a couple of things that are added bonuses when a client chooses to use my professional voiceover services for their project.

Even though it’s Sunday as I type this, I am working with a script today because one of my clients is in Australia and it’s already Monday there. That way they’ll have it at the beginning of their work week. Such is life when we are as connected as we are, through this amazing electronic and technological innovation known as the Internet.

It still amazes me when I think about how far our world has come– just in my career as a female voice over talent!

Debbie Grattan is a Female Narration Specialist and Voiceover Actor who has recorded professional voice-overs for over 20 years. To date she has worked on more than 10,000 projects and has partnered with hundreds of production companies, marketing and advertising firms, commercial voice-over recording studios and corporate/business clients around the United States and abroad. Check out her Professional Voice-over Talent Demos and request a complimentary custom professional voice-over talent services audition for an upcoming project.