Healthcare Commercial Voiceover for Nevada Health Co-Op

I just found one of my most recently completed healthcare commercial voiceover spots on my client’s Facebook page. This spot is for the Nevada Health Co-op which helps people navigate various healthcare-related insurance decisions.

This is a great example of how to take some relatively bland information and make it very personable and engaging. A clever concept with the line, “you need a Vanessa (or other name)” demonstrates that throughout the process, the customer/patient is dealing with a real person, and they’re not going to be treated like just another number. It certainly takes the sting away from the perceived frustration of how to enroll in a health plan.

Medical & Healthcare Commercial Voiceover is a Favorite VO Niche

Healthcare is one of those topics that is always relevant, especially now with the government becoming so involved in our healthcare coverage choices.

I do a lot of narration and commercial work for healthcare providers, and I’m thankful that these kinds of companies will always be a part of our landscape.

You can view several videos in both categories of health & medical voiceover projects on my website.

Health and Medical Commercial Voice Over samples including commercials for hospitals, drug stores, exercise products, skincare products and plastic surgery.

Health and Medical Narration videos which include a lot of technical medical narration as well as more nurturing sounding narration for baby products and peace of mind.

Healthcare Commercial Voiceover for Nevada Health Co-Op

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