A Fun Halloween Party Voiceover Radio Spot…

In honor of All Hallows Eve, here’s a fun little voiceover radio spot I recently completed for a client in Antigua. Promoting a Halloween Party at a local area club… The return of Madame Gincha, which is a character you may recall from my Characters Voice Over Demo. Audio mixed with a few character pics of me over the years.

2 comments on “A Fun Halloween Party Voiceover Radio Spot…

  1. Kevin Alexander on

    I’m flattered that a one of the best voice over actress’s in the world has shared my work on her website. This was one of my favorite productions, who remembers this one? CGP (Creative Genius Productions) keeps striving to produce some of the best sounding ads in the world, and am so proud to be working with only the best voice over talents ever!!!

  2. Debbie Grattan on

    Kevin – you are too kind. I think we’re working together again today, so I will look forward to another stellar “creative genius” production with you!

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