Why Halloween is Special To Me

I’m the type of person who really enjoys the art of creation in many different forms.

HalloweenI think that’s one of the reasons I gravitated to acting and voice over as a career. It allows me to play and be creative on a daily basis.

But in addition to my creative profession, I like playing art director and designer in my household. I get a kick out of decorating for the seasons and holidays of the year. I love to set a beautiful and festive dining room table – something inherited from my Mom – who also taught me that food presentation on the plate can make all the difference. Variations of color, and correct combination is key!

I also love taking and sharing family photos, (thank Heaven for Facebook!) though I do get a bit of grief at times for requesting family members to wear certain coordinating clothes for a family photo shoot. God forbid I ask my 10-year-old son to wear pants that actually have a zipper fly! He lives in sweat pants 24/7 these days.

I enjoy getting to look back on the photo books I’ve compiled over the years, that chronicle some of the fun things we’ve done together as a family.

Ultimately, I see the personal reward as creating lasting memories for our family, and especially for my children. My wish for them would be that when they look back, they realize how Mom was really going out of her way to try to make things special and memorable. My mom did that for me and I’m trying to pass it on to the next generation.

The Family That Plays Together…

Something that we’ve dabbled in for a few years now is dressing up in a family theme for Halloween. We had a super fun time last weekend, as the Addams Family, handing out candy at a local “trunk or treat” event. We’ll be hitting the town again on Saturday night (in full costume), going out for dinner to celebrate my husband’s upcoming birthday. It should be an entertaining evening. Adorning my family in proper costume, footwear, makeup and props makes me feel like I’m an art director on a film set!

In honor of Halloween Week, here are a few of our family creations over the years. If you wish, please vote for your favorite in the comments and/or suggest what we should be for next year.

Morticia & Wednesday

Debbie and daughter Natalie as Morticia and Wednesday Addams – Natalie had a total blast being in character and interacting with people.

Gomez & Morticia practicing the tango (my husband Paul as Gomez)

Gomez & Morticia practicing the tango (my husband Paul as Gomez)

The Addams Family for Halloween 2014

The whole Addams Famliy Clan including Nick as Pugsley and grandparents as Uncle Fester & Grandmama

Zootopia Characters

Zootopia Characters – Bellwether, Nick Wild, Lt. Judy Hopps and Mayor Lionheart (2016)

The Incredibles - Halloween 2015

The Incredibles – Elastigirl, Violet and Mr. Incredible (2015)

Despicable Me2 - Halloween 2013

The Gru Crew from “Despicable Me 2,” including our nanny, Katie as Lucy Wilde, Nick as Vector (villain from DM1) and assorted Minions (2013)

Harry Potter - Halloween 2010

Harry Potter Characters – Prof. McGonagall, Snape, Hermione and young Harry (2010)

Scooby Doo - Halloween 2009

Scooby Doo and friends, Daphne, Velma and Fred (2009)

Star Wars Characters - Halloween 2008

May the Force be with you! – Padme (from end of Episode 2), Lord Vader, Young Skywalker in training (with Yoda on his back), Shaak Ti and Boba Fett (2008)

Do you like to dress up, even though you’re not a kid anymore? What are some of your favorite Halloween memories? Please share pics too on my Facebook page.

Debbie Grattan Voice Over Talent, as Morticia Addams

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    Thanks everybody for reading and commenting! We do have a great time with this. At least I do! Hope we can continue the tradition for at least a few more years.

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