Female Voice Overs Talent for Student Film Projects

From time to time, I receive requests for female voice oves from student filmmakers. For some reason, I’ve gotten more requests from students in foreign countries than from here in the US. I really don’t know why that is. Often, I’m not sure what country they are from, but they usually speak enough English to email me, and write a script for me to record. I would guess most are from Europe.

My willingness to take part in these voice over projects usually depends on my availability, the length of the script, and frankly, my mood at the time. If I feel an instant connection with the person writing the request, and feel that they genuinely are working towards an artistic goal in their education that I can be of service to, then I try to fit it into my schedule.

I do also ask for a copy when the film is complete, since I usually don’t have the opportunity to see any sort of visual, or even have a description of what they are going to do prior to recording the voice tracks. Maybe it’s better that way.

When I see it all put together, I am often astounded at the quality of the film and the emotion that it can create. I’m usually always thinking that if I had another chance, I would do something different/better with the voiceover. I suppose that’s the mark of a perfectionist, but also truly someone committed to their craft.

I think that it is easy to forget that acting and voice acting is really a “craft”. In our very commercialized, capitalized society, where everything is just a commodity, that comes with a price tag… That there are things that are just there for beauty… For contemplation…. For experimentation… And for education.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy getting a chance to do these projects, once in a while. The filmmaker is always so grateful for the donation of services, and it makes me feel good to collaborate, in this very tiny way, with a fellow artist. Even for little or no pay, it’s rewarding to help them meet their goal and create something original.

And who knows…maybe one of these film students will continue, and become the next Spielberg!

Here is a recent female voice over talent project that I was involved in.  Check out the video directed by Eskild Krogh and let him know what you think.

Female Voice Overs Talent Student Film Projects

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