Corporate Narration Voiceovers Provide Perfect Opportunity for Female Voice Talent

Corporate Narration Voiceovers provide the perfect opportunity to use my female voice talent in an effort to assist companies with delivering their product and service messages.

While corporate narration voiceover may not seem as attractive as the glamorous and high profile national commercial spots that so many voice over talents love to chase, I tend to love to do these type of recordings.    Much like commercial voiceover, these jobs allow me to communicate marketing messages directly to the targeted audience.

Corporate Narration Voiceovers – A Sample Video

Here is a sample of a recent Corporate Narration Voiceover project:

In this voiceover sample, the client already had put together the video presentation for their corporation. I was required to analyze the video, scratch track, and determine the pacing and timing needed to match the script to specific parts of the video.

The corporation who hired me for this narration voiceover project found me through my website and was pleased to take advantage of our first time client special offer” discount found on the home page.

See the full version of the corporate narration voiceover video here.

Female Narration Voice Over

Debbie Grattan has been recording Corporate Narration Voiceovers for over 20 years. To date she has worked on more than 10,000 projects and has partnered with hundreds of production companies, marketing and advertising firms, commercial voice-over recording studios and corporate/business clients around the United States and abroad.

Female Narration Services offered by Debbie include :

  • corporate narration
  • technical narration
  • tutorial & instructional narration
  • web video narration
  • health related narration
  • travel & leisure narration

Check out her Female Voice Over Demos and request a custom voiceover audition for an upcoming project.


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