Commercial Voiceover Services Video Marketing Ideas

Part 3 of an Interview with Marketing Expert, Cindy Malouin of Malouin Marketing

Commercial Voiceover Services Talent Debbie Grattan wraps up her chat with Marketing Expert Cindy Malouin on the power of using video to market a commercial voiceover services business.

Cindy Malouin of Malouin Marketing on Commercial Voiceover Services Video Marketing Ideas

As founder of Malouin Marketing, Cindy Malouin has more than 15 years experience in strategic marketing and planning. Specializing in business-to-business marketing, Cindy began her marketing consulting practice in 1996. Since then, she planned and implemented innovative and results-oriented marketing programs for a variety of clients in the service sector.Through her strategic marketing services, Cindy helps organizations build, grow and protect their businesses, while enhancing their images with both clients and referral sources. Cindy is the proud recipient of numerous marketing awards. She has a proven track record of consistently producing high-quality,results-driven marketing programs.

Commercial Voiceover Services Talent, Debbie Grattan: If you’re using a video on your voiceover services website, then obviously you have your contact information on your site. Now what if the video is being hosted elsewhere, on YouTube for example. Should it convey phone numbers and website information?

Marketing Expert, Cindy Malouin: Yes, the videos should definitely include whatever information you want to viewer to see.

You bring up a good point: it’s not just about having video on your site, but you want to make sure you create a channel on YouTube or a similar site. You can house all of your commercial voiceover services videos there; you can share all your videos socially; you can embed them in blogs. So there are a lot of applications for video use. It doesn’t just need to be on the voiceover talent website. One of my clients uses a video brochure, for example—video and video marketing is another way to get people’s attention. Some people might not have time to sit down and read a brochure but they’ll certainly watch a sixty second video.

Debbie Grattan: Do you have any tips on how we should be optimizing these commercial voiceover services videos on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites?

Cindy Malouin: I’m not an expert on optimization, but I do suggest making sure you have your keywords identified.

Debbie Grattan: So would that be similar to SEO on your website? Knowing what your keywords are, knowing what words people search for who come to your site and being able to interject that in there?

Cindy Malouin: Yes, but there is a whole science to it and professionals who specialize in this area. But yes, it’s similar to SEO for one’s website: identifying keywords for your site so you come up high on google and other search engines for video content.

Debbie Grattan: Are your marketing clients embracing video? What have you come across in your work with clients when it comes to video?

Cindy Malouin: Right now I have a dialogue going on with almost all of my clients, but not all of them are ready to invest the time, or they’re not yet ready to take that step. But almost everyone is talking about doing it and realizing the opportunities that come with video content. I’d say about twenty-five percent of my clients are utilizing video content on their sites.

Debbie Grattan: Would you advise someone to go ahead and do something even if it’s not a polished and perfect video just to have some video, or would you advise them to wait until they have the time to craft something that’s going to be the best possible showcase?

Cindy Malouin: I guess it depends on what their objectives are. If your objectives are to further your brand identity or to present yourself in a professional way then I’d wait until you can get a polished video. It’s a very public way of communicating so I’d probably advise my clients to wait until they can have a professional-looking video.

When it comes to commercial voice over talents, it’s about presenting themselves personally and so I’d advise them not to go out and just shoot a video just to have a voiceover services video on their site. In the professional voiceover industry especially, you want to present yourself to the highest standards. Since you’re presenting to ad agencies and production companies, you really want to come across as top notch.

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