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The Most Annoying Speech Patterns You Hear All the Time Now

  So, you probably already know about vocal fry, valspeak and uptalk, right? I mean, everyone has heard plenty of examples of those speech patterns that have made perfectly well-educated college grads (mostly female) sound like Kardashian wannabes. Vocal fry refers to a low, glottal, animal-like sound that speech pathologists consider a vocal disorder. Valspeak… Read more »

8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Halloween

Halloween is the third-biggest party day, the sixth-most popular card-giving day, and totally beats the pants off Valentine’s Day when it comes to candy sales. This ancient celebration has a history that stretches back some 6,000 years, rich with tradition, ghoulish trivia and plenty of candy corn. Check out some other fun and creepy facts… Read more »