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Marketing Advice for Voice Actors

How to Master Voiceover Narration - Interview with Ed Victor

Voice Actors Debbie Grattan and Ed Victor talk about his metamorphosis from advertising executive to international voiceover sensation. Part one of a three-part interview. Debbie Grattan: Today we have the illustrious Ed Victor: writer, producer, art director, advertising executive, on-camera persona, and voice over master. Ed, how did you get started on your path? Ed… Read more »

The Relationship Between ISDN Voice Talent and Producer

Joel Newport, Harvest Creative Services - On Relationship Between ISDN Voice Talent and Producer

In the conclusion of this interview, Professional Voice-Over Artist Debbie Grattan and Joel Newport of Harvest Creative Services talk about building a relationship between voice producer and ISDN voice talent. Read part 1 of this interview here. ISDN Voice Talent, Debbie Grattan: How frequently do you veer from your personal “go-to” list of professional voice-over… Read more »

Secure Voiceover Jobs with Marketing Firms

Scott Tingwald - Marketing Exec

Part 2 of an Interview with Marketing Executive, Scott Tingwald of Villing & Company, Inc.   Female Voiceover Artist Debbie Grattan chats with marketing executive Scott Tingwald of Villing & Company, Inc. about how voiceover artists can capture the attention (and business) of marketing firms and secure more voiceover jobs. DebbieG Voice Actor: How frequently… Read more »

How to Get Steady Voiceover Work from Online PA’s

Lowell Christiansen - Voiceover Producer

Part 2 of an Interview with Lowell Christensen of Spotworks Creative In this second installment, professional female voiceover artist, Debbie Grattan interviews Lowell Christensen of SpotWorks Radio Creative and Production to discuss the attributes that male and female voiceover artists need to get steady work from online production agencies. Read Part 1 of this interview… Read more »