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How Professional Voice-Over Talents Get Off Track – The 3 Stages of Failure

Whether they’re written by fellow voice-over actors, life coaches, artists or folks in any other industry, I read a lot of blogs. Reading blogs is a great way to gather information, gain a fresh perspective, enjoy a lot of interesting takeaways and, in many cases, relate an intriguing topic back to the professional voice-over industry…. Read more »

Voiceover Talent Alone Won’t Pay the Bills

Voiceover talent alone won't pay the bills

Mozart wasn’t born great. And the same holds true for any phenomenal musician, artist, engineer, writer, party clown or voiceover talent you may want to be or hire. While great talent was once thought to be innate, research psychologist Anders Ericsson argues it is something most people can achieve, in just about any area, as… Read more »