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Changes in VO Styles Over the Years: From Big Booming Voice Overs to a More Natural, Conversational Style

Evolution of VO: From Voice-Over Announcer to Real Person

Once upon time, the big thing in voice-overs was that big, booming voice – the very polished, voice-over announcer type, with a strong kind of yelling-at-you delivery and feel. People listened. People purchased. That was simply how sales were made. As times have changed, so have selling strategies. Most folks are no longer apt to… Read more »

Is Debbie Grattan the Voice of Ooma?

Is Debbie Grattan the Voice of Ooma?

The Internet can do some pretty strange things. Like cut out in the middle of your favorite Netflix series. Or send your emails off into cyber nowhere land. Or shuttle search traffic to your voiceover talent website when users search for the “voice of Ooma.” If you’ve landed here searching for the voice of Ooma,… Read more »